Jungle Freaks was one of the most promising #NFT launches of 2021 with a big name artist on board and a massively hyped launch…

Everything seemed great until…

Well turns out there were a few skelatons in the closet of the main artist, I’ll say no more!

Watch the video to find out more.

Watch the official statement of the Trosley’s here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XwO6kb8i4J8

Their stance: these cartoons were meant to shine a light on, by depicting, gross injustices in America. Is that true or false? Who can say at this time. It’s worth hearing them out, I believe.

For all the reply guys, to be clear:

1 – I do like the artwork and did since the beginning
2 – I do not now, nor will I ever own a Jungle Freak NFT (though I did want one at launch)
3 – I do not condemn racism in any form, I hope I made that clear in the video, this video is mostly just to “report” on what went down, as many people still have questions or are coming to the news late
4 – Past works by the artist depicting racist scenes were disgusting and deserve to be condemned, there’s no place for that in NFT, Crypto, or anywhere.

I know several people that held Jungle Freaks and I feel terrible for holders.

Vet your NFT projects, vet the artists, and vet the teams behind them!

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