A cautionary tale about fame, followers, the clash between making content and being content ..and being careful what you wish for, because one day you will absolutely have a complete breakdown. 2022 DAN WORLD TOUR: http://danielhowell.com


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Written, Performed and The Bad Editing by Dan
Illustrations – Shitty Watercolour
Archive Historian – Phil Lester

Creative Director – RVBBERDUCK
Producer – James Byfield
DOP/Editor – Calum Yeats
Sound/Mix – JJ Mitchell
Gaffer – Oscar Whaley
Script Prompter – Irena Procyk
MUA – Liana Centurion
Animator – James Painter
Colourist – Nigel Tadyanehondo

– Kevin Macleod: incompetech.com
– Courtesy of epidemicsound.com: ANDREAS BOLDT It Starts Now, FUTURE JOUST Powerwalkin’, GRIDDED Moral Mishap, EIGHT BITS When the Alarm Goes Off, JULES GAIA Life O’ The Lavish, ANDREAS BOLDT Closing Time, REAL HEROES No More Limitations, FROOK
Tarantulas, ANDREAS BOLDT How Will It End, MARC TORCH Dance to My Tune
– Published by Audio Network: TERRY DEVINE-KING Regime Change

Content: video mentions mental health, body image, stress and gay trauma, but it’s fairly mild, just a lot of whining and swearing.

If any brave souls want to dare to contemplate community captions I am so sorry: https://amara.org/en/videos/38OzXlppMxSM/info/why-i-quit-youtube/?team= (Phil is teaching me how this works)

Caption endurance champions class of 2022:

Spanish – Anya Vourakis
French – Blanche
Korean – Annabel Park & ‘stan loona coward’ (lmao)
Portugese – Mirian Rodrigues
Russian – Anna Vinogradova
Slovak – kaatri
Turkish – Pelin

Trivia: this video had exactly 69 F’s before I deleted a bit

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