There are NFTs, then there are Phantasma Smart NFTs.

The Smart NFT is programmable, yet remains immutable on the blockchain. The full potential use-cases for the Smart NFT is yet to be determined, we’ve just connected now you can create.

Whether for your video game or your DAO, Phantasma Smart NFTs are like like nothing else. Sit back and enjoy, learn about the Phantasma Smart NFT and how our platform can bring your project to a new dimension in the metaverse.

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Video Chapters:
Intro: 0:00
Meet The Smart NFT: 1:27
Upgradeable NFTs: 2:03
Collectable NFTs: 2:35
Timed Ownership of NFTs: 3:05
Nested NFTs: 3:48
Fractionalized Ownership of NFTs: 4:14
Carbon Negative Blockchain: 4:45
Low NFT Minting Costs: 5:02
Conclusion: 5:31

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