We only deal with asset-backed NFTs at BlockBar, which means that every NFT we trade has a genuine, authentic bottle behind it. Watch to learn more about about how asset-based NFTs work & if you’re interested in exclusive wine & spirit NFTs, then visit our marketplace at BlockBar.com.

BlockBar is the world’s first direct-to-consumer digital platform that offers asset-backed NFTs direct from the world’s finest luxury wine & spirits brands. Each BlockBar NFT acts as a digital certificate of authenticity for a physical bottle (asset), removing the risk of counterfeit.

Each bottle, purchased by ETH or fiat, is securely stored at our temperature-controlled facility in Singapore for as long as the bottle owner desires. If owners wish to redeem their asset, BlockBar will ship the physical bottle to them at any time, anywhere around the world. At this time, the unique NFT associated with that bottle is burned. Bottle owners can also choose to gift or resell their asset-backed NFT on BlockBar’s Marketplace. #BlockBar #wineandspirits #NFTs #assetbackednfts

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