ECOMI / VeVe’s first ever NFT set already did a 20x while in beta, what’s another 10x from here? Join me as I share my top 10 reasons why I believe this set will surpass $100,000 dollars in the not too distant future.

Never financial advice, just my subjective opinions from a collector’s perspective.

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00:24 – Brief background on ECOMI/VeVe (skip if you know about VeVe)
01:03 – Introduction of first ever VeVe Batman set
01:58 – Comparison to other NFTs (1)
04:28 – NFT expert opinion (2)
04:50 – Best of (3)
05:49 – Physical to digital revolution (4)
06:19 – Batman popularity (5)
06:52 – First of everything (6)
07:21 – Fame/status (7)
08:48 – Opening & closing set (8)
09:25 – Master collector program incentives (9)
10:16 – Haven’t even started marketing (10)
12:34 – Outro
13:25 – Disclaimer: I believe other sets will surpass these figures as well
13:34 – Special thanks to Taps Trades for video idea

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Thank you and happy collecting!

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