A.I. THE EVOLUTION LEGEND NFT is a collection of NFT that celebrates 25TH ANNIVERSARY since DRAFT in 1996. To create an eternal bond between fans and himself, Allen Iverson chooses an ideal and creative way to celebrate this milestone with his fans all over the world.

A.I. THE EVOLUTION LEGEND NFT collection includes 120 items that feature Allen Iverson’s Rookie Year Headshot. There are 6 basic types of NFT plus one Golden Badge NFT. Each type of NFT is a basketball-related element.  If you purchase all 6 types of NFT, you will get one Golden Badge NFT for free. Plus, 6 NFT, any type, any color and one Golden Badge NFT will get you one chance to win 2000USDT! The most amazing scenario for this NFT is that each NFT holder will get a seat in the Group Picture of Iverson’s Dream Team. The Group Picture of Allen Iverson’s Dream Team will be minted into a NFT and be auctioned. All holders of NFTs will share the revenue of NFTs.

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