The long-waited, highly anticipated episode has finally arrived. Heavy recently ordered a game of Left 4 Dead 2, but to his surprise, his fingers were too big to enter the serial key correctly, so he’s been devoured by the vortex between realism and the computer game world into a place of batshit mayhem. Will Heavy find his way back to his comfy home, or be stuck in this world forever? Watch and find out!
***NOTE: Due to some technical difficulties, the HD quality isn’t very crisp for this episode, but it’s good enough so you can see all the action in its finest.

—WOOPS! Forgot a song in the credits—
(7:32) “I love love you” by Guitar Vader (special thanks to KdogPrime for catching that)


-The game Marcus Fenix and Elliot Salem were playing was Power Stone 2 for the SEGA Dreamcast. Awesome game indeed.
-This video has been delayed so many times; I started recording it on October 15th, and have been working on it on and off ever since.
-A very brief script was made for this video, as it only explained very basic thoughts of the scenes. Some scenes were even made up as I went along.
-All the artwork seen at the end was done by me. Photoshop was used to get that shit in there.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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