Nobody would’ve ever thought of a museum that showcases JPEGs. But Seattle had some different plans to shock the world. NFTs are not just JPEGs, NFTs being a lifesaver in the Ukraine-Russia war proves that. Snoop Dogg’s plan to release his albums as the world’s first major record label NFT is really at its peak and it seems that Snoop is taking full advantage of it. World Famous Performance sports car brand McLaren also enters the NFT market, releasing its first project. Seems like McLaren is going to smoke some dirt in the NFT world too!

Weird things ranging from an NFT museum to an NFT music record label, this video has got the latest news about them. So make sure that you watch the whole video and enjoy it!

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00:14- NFT Museum
01:46- How NFTs helping people in Ukraine
03:24- Snoop Dogg and his NFT Label
04:22- NFTs on wheels!
05:52- Outro and Closing note

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