This is the best time to learn about Web3 and especially NFTS. On this episode of HOUSE OF CLAY we have the founder of DREAM LAB Jacob Riglin. Jacob has spent the past 10 years traveling the world working with industry-leading brands on social media. Creating content and social campaigns that build brand awareness in a very unique way, Jacob has been able to create a successful 7+ figure business through his photography and social media following. Along with his Instagram following and working with brands Jacob has also found success as a photographer in the NFT space becoming one of the highest-selling photographers on SuperRare and recently sold out his most recent project “Reflections” which has garnered over $2 Million in sales.

Jacob is also the founder of The first NFT course on the market. Learn from one of the most successful photographers in the NFT space. Make sure to check out the course and use discount code – HOUSEOFCLAY

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