In this clip from our December 31st LIVE stream Philip and Morland chat about the Peaceful Groupies new token announcement and much more!

PEACEFUL GROUPIES is a collection of 10000 unique and crazy character NFTs on the etherum blockchain. These peaceful creatures will follow you on your adventures through this digital psychedelic experience called the PEACEVOID.

PEACEVOID is a crypto-powered art movement and brand of @ʏ ☮ ɴ’s lifelong project.
meant to translate the psychedelic experience and our ideals into the metaverse, through art. backed up by NFTs and decentralized economics, PEACEVOID is a forever growing piece of art, performance, a place, a sound, a color, an experience.

PEACEFUL GROUPIES not only make the most beautiful avatars around, but they’re your non-fungible ticket to the PEACEVOID festival.

A ticket that rewards you for holding it, allowing you for events and airdrops filled with artworks, music, clothes, badges and many more.

An NFT citizenship to our world, foreve

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