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#Nova Rally is a racing game on the WAX Blockchain. The premise is simple, pick a car and two rally drivers and enter them into a race.
There is a game engine called NOVA TALLY that is a set of rules that calculate who the winner of the race is.
The type of the vehicle and the hidden perks of the character impact the result of the race.
The game is split into different seasons. Each season has a different hidden system that calculates what happens in the race.
how to play
You will need a vehicle and minimum 2 characters to play. You can buy packs to get a combination of different racers and vehicles and also earn them as rewards for winning in races.

There are planned 4 different type of game modes you can enter into

The Daily Nova Rally
Event Mode
Time Trials
Head to Head

In order to enter in each race, you need to have enough fuel to do so. The fuel is in-game token Snake Oil (SNAKOIL). You earn SNAKOIL by “snaking” your characters and vehicles. As you progress through the game you will need additional resources to race

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