Non Functional Testing:

Non-functional Testing is a type of Software Testing that is performed to verify the non-functional requirements of the application. It verifies whether the behavior of the system is as per the requirement or not. It tests all the aspects which are not tested in functional testing.
Non-functional testing is a type of software testing to test non-functional parameters such as reliability, load test, performance and accountability of the software. The primary purpose of non-functional testing is to test the reading speed of the software system as per non-functional parameters. The parameters of non-functional testing are never tested before the functional testing.

Non Functional Testing Parameters:
Following are the core nonfunctional testing types that will help you understand why nonfunctional testing is not only an integral part but also as important as functional testing:

Performance Testing
Load Testing
Stress Testing
Volume Testing
Security Testing
Compatibility Testing
Compliance Testing
Portability Testing
Accountability Testing
Reliability Testing
Efficiency Testing

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