Hello, I am Gina Malak, CEO | CTO of Correlate Health. We are a Digital Health company that was established in 2019

I have 18 years of experience as a Digital Health Professional.

I have managed budgets combined of $280 million dollars

I am a cryptocurrency investor and an NFT Art and Music Collector

Our business model is NFT Meets Digital Health.

The 21st Century Cures Act signed into law requires healthcare organizations to give patients access to their healthcare data. With this patients can download their health records via API protocols, contain them as NFTs, all on our platform

Now consumers can participate and benefit from the distribution of their health data while collecting royalties from big data resell.

Our business model is:

1. Consumers can monetize their health data and collect royalties.

2. Consumers can secure Defi Loans by using their NFT’s as collateral

3. Providers can seamlessly process claims with insurance companies. Thus helping to expedite the adjudication process.

Our traction to date. We plan to go to market in 90 days. We are currently in the development of our platform.

We have filed 3 patent provisionals.

We have access to APIs to interface with over 300 million consumer and their health data

We have access to over 1000 clinical studies and clinical trial programs to meet consumer health criteria.

We are currently in negotiations with a sports organization to help protect their player’s health data by wrapping their data into NFTs for secure distribution and traceability.

Thank you for the opportunity and consideration.

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