Monster Sprite Club is a new project that will give you the opportunity to earn rewards for holding NFT’s whilst a project is minting and also to earn passive income by way of staking.

Launching in January 2022 the project will release individual collections of 500 nft’s monthly and will cost $15.

Everytime a Monster Sprite Club nft is minted a previously minted nft is randomly selected and the holder receives 10% of the mint price (in this case $1.50) the more nfts you hold the higher the chance one will be seleceted.

When the 500th nft is minted the smart contract again randomly selected one nft and the holder will receive 10% of the contract value ($675)

Thats not all. You will then be able to stake your nft and earn the Scream Token daily.

These Monsters will make you Scream (literally)

Each month a collection of 500 nfts will be released and you will have the opportunity to go through the process again.

The plan of the projects is to provide rewards when minting and also provide a passive income whilst building a collection of engaging monster sprite nft’s.

The planned monthly launches so far are as follows

January — Monster Sprite Elves

February — Monster Sprite Tigermen

March — Monster Sprite Vampires

April — Monster Sprite Dwarves

If the project proves popular there will be special mid month drops also (Dark Elves & White Tigermen already planned)

You can keep up to date by following the Discord

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