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In order to get whitelisted you need to reach level 15 in chat activity OR invite 20 people.
You need to reach level 15 in activity. You gain experience from being active in the chat. Every time you level up you receive a notification.


You can generate an invite link by pressing the drop down in the top left corner of the server. Or if you’re on your phone, there will be a big button on top of the channels list saying “Invite Members”. Make sure it’s set to never expire

Meta Kongs Society nft roadmap:

20% — Mastermind events
Our first global event will take place in April. The location is yet to be announced, but rest assured: it’s incredible.

40% — The birth of Baby Kongs
The family will be expanded with babies! These cute Baby Kongs will serve as your digital identity along side your Kongs and open new digital doors to you. Everyone who owns a Kong gorilla will be automatically whitelisted for the Baby Kong Gorilla.

60% — Creating a social space based on Web 3.0
The creation of a social space based on web3.0 is only accessible for MKS holders. A space where learning and evolving is the most important thing. A decentralized social network gives users more control and autonomy. A holder can set up their space and determine how it operates and what users can say or talk about. We will call these spaces: board rooms.

80% — Collabs with investment companies
Collabs with global funding companies and big angelinvestors to make sure capital is never a problem for a well-thought-out business idea of one of the Meta Kong Society holders.

100% — Launching our world in the Metaverse
Our landscapes in Sandbox, Decentraland and mystery location, will be ready. The Kongs will be ready to escape out of their cage to conquer the world. As a team, a family. A next-generation society.
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