Choose between the light side and the dark side! The Wizards and the Warlocks. Magic Folk are the magicians of Web3.

Magic Folks consists of a Magic Marketplace, Capable Creators, Realistic Strategy, Community Storytelling, Holder Exclusive Tools, Exclusive Collab Items, Gamified Tokenomics, Extendible Ecosystem and Coal!

You’ll be able to stake your Magic Folk NFT for $GEMZ which you’ll be able to use in the magic marketplace to purchase NFTs, Passes, Tools and Allowlist / Whitelist spots for other NFT projects.

Whether you own a Wizard or a Warlock you’ll be able to equip your NFT with Pets, Weapons and Magic Items.
Pets in the form of owls, bats, rabbits and more.
Weapons in the form of staffs, daggers, lances and more.
Magic Items in the for of potions, books, scrolls, spell and more.

This project definitely has a lot to be excited about and the artwork looks amazing!

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NOTE: All these view are entirely my own. Anything that I say is purely for entertainment purposes and NOT Financial Advice. Please ensure you understand the risks when purchasing anything.
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