Today we have the designer of gmoney’s famous filter and the Head of Innovation at Publicist Media, Keith Soljacich. Back in 2021, he was a media strategist by day, working with AMEX, Disney, and PlayStation. At night, Keith was a degen, working with CrytoNovo to bring NFTs to life. His innovation experience mixed with his passion for the digital world drove him to lead the strategic integration of emerging technologies & platforms bridging brand experiences to the metaverse. Most recently, he has been a part of ushering Samsung into the web3 space and creating a unique path for Pizza Hut to embrace utility uniquely. He’s here to discuss all that plus the current trends in the market and where NFTs go from here.

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0:00 – Intro
1:18 – Designer behind gmoney’s ape filter
4:24 – Keith’s background
9:18 – Taking Web2 skills to the Web3 universe
12:46 – The battle between AR vs. VR
16:30 – Reactions to Keith’s article back in 2021
18:49 – Bridging brands to web3 successfully
23:35 – Samsung and Pizza Hut Web3 case studies
31:32 – How these brands have changed over time
34:38 – Why now is the best moment to learn and invest in Web3
36:39 – Why free minting is important for the industry
40:58 – The best way to distribute your NFT
44:50 – What’s your Favorite NFT

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