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Hi guys. Welcome to NFT Daily News. Please give us a like and subscribe so the Youtube algorithm can recognize us. On this channel, I give you the most important news in the shortest time frame possible. And if I miss anything, just leave it below.

If you have looked at your portfolio lately, it comes to no surprise to see cryptocurrencies and the stock market down. Visit my latest video here on how to react and prepare for the situation.

The next biggest news of today comes from Twitter’s decentralized platform known as Bluesky, a public code base that will soon be released.

The Bluesky team outlines a need for content moderation. However it is still unclear on who or what will be doing the moderation. Some people are skeptical from both political sides. But let us know how you feel in the bottom of the comments section.

And still with a lot of buzz brewing after Elon’s Musk took over Twitter recently, the same cannot be said on Coinbase’s new NFT Marketplace.

On its first day of launch the new marketplace recorded only one hundred and fifty total transactions with a seventy five thousand dollar trading volume compared to its counterpart Open Sea with one point eighteen billion dollars just over a year ago on its very first day.

This simply reflects the lack of enthusiasm with NFTs in the broader market right now.

So with censorship questions still surrounding Twitter and coinbase NFT Marketplace lack of volume, the barrage of news does not stop here. The court orders the BitMex exchange founders to pay thirty million dollars in civil penalties due to their lack of KYC enforcement.

If you are not familiar with BitMex, they were notoriously known for high volatile price movements in Bitcoin and XRP. Maybe justice is finally served for Bitmex. But let me know your thoughts down below.

And that is all I have for the crypto minute. If you want to find technicals and fundamental data on crypto projects please visit our Token Metrics Affiliate link or go over to Trading Lab in the MiliionToken community. Also liking, subscribing, and sharing our content goes a long way. Have a great day.

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