We are THRILLED to announce that after the success of the IMVU Virtual Fashion Show and the items we keep seeing you style on the Feed, select items are being launched today as wearable NFTs.

These will include designs and exclusive scenes from Gypsy Sport, Mowalola, Freak City, Mimi Wade, BruceGlen, and My Mum Made It.

NFTs are one of a kind digital items that you can use in IMVU with bragging rights as you’ll be the only one to have them. Buy them now on IMVU’s OpenSea marketplace: imvufashionshow2021.com

Featured IMVU Creators: @lalov.vu, @exif.vu, @yannomi_imvu, @imvuroy, @kotimori.vu, @gotlanevu, @thegothicgardenimvu, @naitve.vu, @vurbi, @shop.seantyle, @twyla.vu, @idezzbanks_imvu, @vues.vu, @gaasset, @misscimvu, @esmeshaw.vu, @shimvu, @siregads, @bratteh, @yalla.vu, @seanowenblue, @pago.vu

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