I am thrilled to share with you how you can mint your NFT with no up front cost. In fact, it’s absolutely free! Through some magical smart contract programming, mintable has given us an option to mint before the sale without paying gas fees. This is an absolute win for new artists. Established artists may find it advantageous to mint on more popular platforms, but this is a great place to start.

Visit my profile and vote/bid on my art at: www.Mintable.app/u/e2m

Earth2.io Code for 5% rebate – 2Q81GG0GUY

Transferwise is recommended for withdrawals. Sign up through my link and get a free transfer up to $600 – https://transferwise.com/invite/i/keving1484

Up to $15 free bitcoin – https://www.coinbase.com/join/gillem_s?src=ios-link

Join Robinhood with my link and we’ll both get a free stock 🤝 https://join.robinhood.com/keving-2ef3e2c

Masters United Discord- https://discord.gg/ZjV6bWrjn8

Masters United Strongholds:

Grenada – https://app.earth2.io/#propertyInfo/46ecc90d-36c4-421c-b674-d3004450f320

Ilha de Pecixe – https://app.earth2.io/#thegrid/5409e9c2-1b33-4f53-b6be-545be1669f62

Ilha dos Mosquitos – https://app.earth2.io/#thegrid/571e8d49-f880-4486-950c-850cbd088080

Myanmar- https://app.earth2.io/#thegrid/4fc8c4d4-89bb-401c-b8ee-224d9175e484

Facebook Group – Facebook.com/groups/earth2club

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Twitter – @earth2mastery
Instagram – @earth2mastery
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Also, if you use my discount code to purchase land, leave your code in the comments and like the video for a chance to win a giveaway on my next Earth2 video, whether it be a tile and NFT or some other interesting treat!

Subscribe to my this channel for more Earth2.io specific content. I am not a financial advisor and nothing on this channel constitutes investment advice. Links I provide may earn me a reward, whether it be a few cents in rebate, a free stock or free cryptocurrency. None of them cost you any more than if you used the service without my link and most of them save money for you or earn you rewards by doing so. I greatly appreciate you using them to support me and my channel.

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