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Welcome to Our New How To Buy NFT Video!

Setting The Standard
If you’re going to flex in the Metaverse, do it right.
The most detailed car NFTs on any chain.
1243 cars. 18 models. 5 divisions. Only 1 like yours.
Just one question: will you be a racer or a mechanic?
Proudly built on Solana and doxxed by Alder Mages

SolTires will make 6,666 NFT cars available. There will be 18 different models, each with its own set of characteristics, making some cars extremely rare. Our in-house designers handcrafted each vehicle.

The rarity of each NFT is determined by the model, its components, and its background. The last one also has an impact on each one’s OVR Score.

This NFT launch will help fund the development of our Play2Earn Drag Racing, in which players can earn $TIRE, our in-game tradable token (on Solana), by racing friends and foes in PvP races, participating in tournaments, racing death matches, and completing challenges.

Their goal is to become the most famous drag strip in the Metaverse.

Game demo

Built on Unreal
Publicly available
5 cars to race with
Windows only (for now)


Nov. 2021
Launch website V1
Demo game development
Design 18 distinct car models
Release whitepaper
Feb. / Mar. 2022

Phase 1
Launch website V2
Community events
Public game beta (for WLs)
Presale Car Mint (02.25)
Car Mint (03.07)
Implementation feedback into game
Partnership billboards
Surprise airdrop for holders

Q2. 2022
Phase 2
SolTires game demo V2.0 🚧
Metaverse showroom 🚧
$TIRE (in-game token) launch
SolTires Car Staking
$TIRE airdrop to holders and WLs

Q3. 2022
Phase 3
Merch (purchasable with $TIRE)
Design components
Implement new components and circuits into game
SolTires Arena development

Q4. 2022
Phase 4
Components mint (engines, transmissions & tires)
SolTires: Arena expansion
SolTires Arena Metaverse beta

Initially the game will be playable exclusively on PC. However, as soon as the game is stable and bug-free we will also release it on iOS & Android. There are currently no plans to add any other platforms.


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