Forgery is widespread in the field of education – after all, credentials and degrees can easily be faked. But NFTs could help solve this problem. Watch this video to find out how NFTs can make an impact in the education sector.

In this series, we go beyond the hype around NFTs and look at the hope it can bring to solve the world’s toughest problems.

Jump through chapters:
0:00 – Fake degrees are a global phenomenon
1:00 – How the education sector can use NFTs
1:42 – NFTs and microcredentials
2:29 – LinkediNFT – the future of resumes and job applications
3:02 – The future of work is global and online


🔴 Hope beyond hype | Alternative uses for NFTs

🔴 Curious about NFTs: The Whys of Non-fungible tokens

🔴 NFT 101: THe Internet explains non-fungible tokens

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