Say hi to Cole — he loves bread. He believes people should have the freedom to enjoy the food they love, like bread, which is why he’s here to #breakbread. His mission is to give people the freedom to enjoy eating the foods they love, without the negative consequences.

About Hero:

At Hero we believe people should have the freedom to eat and enjoy food they love without negative health consequences. We’ve remade empty-calorie products into delicious, nutrient-rich foods with 0g sugar, 1g net carbs, fewer calories and unbelievable taste. Welcome back to bread. In 2017, Hero founder Cole Glass had a craving for a lower carb muffin.

Trouble was, he was unable to eat most healthy muffin ingredients. With severe food allergies and a deep-rooted passion for science, Cole became obsessed with baking his own, amounting to thousands of muffins over two years, trying every ingredient combination to create the perfect muffin, that he could eat. Finally, he baked one tasty AF muffin that happened to have 0g net carbs and 0g sugar. “Unbelievable!”, thought Cole, and off he went to share his discovery with the world, bringing us together here today. Besides our delicious Hero Bread™ Roll, stay hungry for new flour-based foods breaking soon!

Come #BreakBread with us:


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