Ukraine DAO’s Flag NFT raises 2,250 Ethereum. Lugano, Switzerland to make Bitcoin and Tether legal tender. Wingstop files trademark to enter Metaverse. Papa Johns giving away NFTs Minted on Tezos. Tencent files patent for virtual concerts in Metaverse. Snowcrash launches the NFT platform. SEC targets marketplaces that sell fractional NFTs.

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0:00-2:50 Ukraine DAO Flag NFT
2:51-3:26 Lugano to Make BTC and Tether Legal Tender
3:27-4:49 Wingstop to sell Chicken Wings in the Metaverse
4:50-5:52 Papa Johns giving away NFT hot bags
5:53-7:05 Virtual Concerts in Metaverse
7:06-9:14 Bob Dylan goes meta
9:15-10:19 SEC Targets NFT Marketplaces
10:20- Closing Thoughts


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