Gary Vaynerchuk recently launched one of the biggest collections of the year, but he’s been purposely keeping it under the radar for now. It might be a bigger deal than most people think.

In this video I dive into Book Games, the deflationary NFT currency that marks Gary V’s second major NFT drop.

Specifically I take a look at how Book Games might fit into the VeeFriends metaverse, how Gary Vee’s NFT launchpad could bring a lot of value to holders (he wants to find the next Bored Ape Yacht Club, Cool Cats, World of Women etc), and why betting on Gary is a safe strategy at a time when there are so few quality operators releasing NFTs. At the time the floor is at about 0.2 eth which makes it one of the more affordable launchpads on the market, but I also discuss the potential risk that might come from the larger token base (+150k tokens).

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0:00 start here
1:02 why VeeFriends might still be undervalued
2:43 Book Games – what you must know
4:25 getting a whitelist for VeeFriends 2
5:35 Gary is about to start the hype campaign
6:22 Book Games as a LAUNCHPAD
7:40 Gary’s influence is insane right now
9:13 trading book games for NFTs and experiences
10:07 bull case and risks

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