Are you wondering what an NFT is? Well Geoffrey Huntley helps explain to Coffeezilla about how NFTs really work and also about his big “NFT Heist” and his creation, NFT Bay, that had the news raving over him.
I condensed the original video down to 18 minutes. Just left in all of the speeches related to NFT’s functionality. If you would like to check out the full original video then click the link below:

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0:00 Right Clicking All The NFTs
0:26 NFT Bay message
0:54 “What are people actually purchasing with NFTs?”
1:47 “It’s a URL!”
2:08 “Why not just host the file ON the blockchain?”
2:35 “What’s in the [NFT Bay] torrent?”
3:07 Biggest NFT heist??
4:58 Do you own the IPFS address/domain?
6:12 “Do you think NFTs are worthless?”
8:04 “When I buy an NFT, do I own the copyright?”
8:23 Will all contracts be signed on the blockchain in the future?
9:04 Privacy on the blockchain?
11:03 Data on the blockchain is immutable
13:10 Dox??
14:20 On-Chain / Web3 movement
15:14 NFT Bay talk
16:18 ImageHost & Web2 infrastructure breakdown?
17:04 NFT Bay screenshot – NFT
18:02 Ending speech.

Original Video Credits:
3D Artist: Ed Leszczynski
Video Editor: Harry Bagg

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