About Our Guest:

Our recurring guest Alex Danco of Spotify, err.. Shopify returns to Infinite Loops for his fifth appearance to discuss all things Web 3! Follow Alex on Twitter at https://twitter.com/Alex_Danco and read his essays at https://alexdanco.com/

Show Notes:

– Was it un-Canadian for Canada to pass the Emergency Act?
– Was the MAGA movement monarchist?
– Social meaning of NFTs
– What NFTs are not
– Catholicism — The original blockchain
– Code that can make commitments
– Wallets are the new web browsers
– What really is censorship
– Blockchains tell you what to ignore
– Porting from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0
– NFTs as human readable format of a smart contract
– Why gamers end up as good decision makers
– How to identify an extremely online person

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