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What will we uncover this stream?!

During the Tiger Woods Drop we had 1-4 people get a drop during each Carbon, Platinum, Emerald, Sapphire, and Ruby Premier Drops!

During the Tony Hawk Signed Drop we discovered he signed a Skateboard on his 1st Signed Carbon!

During the first Derek Jeter Drop, a awesome member in chat pointed out Derek Jeter used different color sharpies when he signed the NFT’s!

During the Simon Biles live stream we discovered someone using an autobuyer and were able to contact Autograph and DraftKings!

During the Naomi Osaka drop we discovered the differences in the autographs from Naomi Osaka’s Signed Carbon #59 and how different it looked by Signed Naomi Osaka Ruby #1!

Ex: https://marketplace.draftkings.com/listings/collectibles/34a4da8e97a54dabaf2a5f369531a980/editions/5



Standard Guide (Helps Pricing) – https://www.thestandardguide.com

Draftkings Marketplace FAQ – https://help.draftkings.com/hc/en-us/categories/4404926262931-Marketplace

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