In this video I give an introduction to the game Neon District that allows you to earn NFTs that are tradeable on Ethereum and Matic. I talk about the very basic gameplay mechanics that allow you to easily start playing the game by showing the Pizza delivery and upgrading of characters.
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00:00 Intro
01:30 First steps
02:20 In-Game Currencies – NEON, Juice, Parts
03:30 Characters & Gear
05:30 Earning NEON
07:15 Other gameplay actions
08:25 Trading Neon District Items
10:30 Outro
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Neon District is a free-to-play cyberpunk role-playing game featuring collectible NFTs on Matic and Ethereum. Players collect characters and gear, craft and level up fully-equipped teams, and battle their teams against other players through the Neon Pizza competitive multiplayer missions or in real-time turn-based combat.
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