Welcome To The NFT Jungle is a podcast dedicated to NFTs as well as navigating the NFT space so that you can be equipped to make good decisions in this crazy world of NFTs! ❤️

Welcome To The NFT Jungle is the OFFICIAL podcast for “MetaJungle”.

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Emma aka @niftymetagirl is joined by MetaJungle team member Emma aka @emofarmer. NiftyMetaGirl introduces Emofarmer & then takes us through some exciting MetaJungle updates. Both Emma’s take us through their week in the NFT space. This includes sharing their wallet updates, and some exciting news in women led projects.🤩
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@NiftyMetaGirl – https://twitter.com/NiftyMetaGirl


00:00 – ↗️ Intros

01:30 – 🌱MetaJungle Updates

10:29 – 💸 Wallet Updates – Rebel Society, Evan McQuid Bedford, Alpha Girls Club, Sad Girls Bar, Toppy Eton, Brain Vomit, Splash of Colour Vol. 2, Boss Beauties, Red Sails, Women & Weapons, Flower Girl NFT, Sarah Lyndsey, & Onur Cabi
51:49 – 💎 Project Updates – World of Women, Boss Beauties, Women & Weapons, Long Neckie Ladies, Flower Girls NFT, Fame Lady Squad, Sad Girls Bar, Alpha Girls Club, Rebel Society

1:02:40 – ↘️ Outros

🌱MetaJungle Update:

Emma gives us an exciting update on MetaJungle that includes recent & upcoming Astrophotography Workshop, an Artist Feedback AMA #5, and other exciting news!

💸 Wallet Updates:

Emma & Emma share their recent purchases, listings, & sales.

Projects / Artists & links to their Twitter pages:

Rebel Society https://twitter.com/RebelSocietyNFT

Cubano 45 | Hundo Cubanos by Evan McQuaid Bedford https://twitter.com/embphotos

Alpha Girl Club – https://twitter.com/alphagirlclub

Sad Girls Bar – https://twitter.com/sad_girls_bar

Go Alone | Toppy Eton by Toppy Eton – https://twitter.com/ToppyEton

BrainVomit Doodle 14 – https://twitter.com/steven__rea

Splash of Colour Vol 2 #8 | Splash of Colour Vol. 2 by The Balded Photographer – https://twitter.com/Thebaldedphoto1

Cubano 21, 82, 56, 32 | Hundo Cubanos by Evan McQuaid Bedford- https://twitter.com/embphotos

Boss Beauties – https://twitter.com/BossBeautiesNFT

Red Sails #6, #30 | Red Sails Daniel Kordan – https://twitter.com/daniel_kordan

Women & Weapons – https://twitter.com/WomenandWeapons

Flower Girls – https://twitter.com/FlowerGirlsNFT

Salt | Dear Dreamer II by Sarah Lyndsey – https://twitter.com/sarahlyndsay_

Venice Carnaval People #7 – There is always Death | Venice Carnaval People by Onur Cabi https://twitter.com/cabionur

💎 Project Updates:

Emma and Emma share some exciting developments with women focused projects taking off.

For More information visit each project’s Twitter page:

World of Women – https://twitter.com/worldofwomennft

Boss Beauties – https://twitter.com/BossBeautiesNFT

Women & Weapons – https://twitter.com/WomenandWeapons

Long Neckie Ladies – https://twitter.com/LongNeckieLady

Flower Girls NFT – https://twitter.com/FlowerGirlsNFT

Fame Lady Squad – https://twitter.com/fame_ladies

Sad Girls Bar – https://twitter.com/sad_girls_bar

Alpha Girl Club – https://twitter.com/alphagirlclub

↘️ Outros:

Emma and Emma provide a fun teaser for Episode 14, learning how to use rarity tools for generative art projects. Join them on the next episode where they will be shopping for a Women & Weapons, Rebel Society, & Flower Girl.

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