Mama we made it! Somehow, someway, we actually made it to 100 EPISODES of Drinks With Johnny, and there’s no one better to celebrate with than longtime friend of the show, Cam Rackam. Johnny and Cam stir up a couple Negronis before sitting down to reflect on their history together.

Cam recalls the first time ever meeting Johnny, and reveals why Johnny has absolutely no recollection of that occurrence. We get an inside look at Cam’s history with the Avenged Sevenfold crew, and how a group of friends from Orange Country were able to all launch successful careers for themselves. Johnny and Cam share some of their favorite experiences from the road together, including a shoeless night at a strip club!

We also learn on this episode:
• What it was like to live with Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan
• How Cam got into the world of NFTs
• Why painting can be a lonely passion
• If Cam actually watches Drinks With Johnny

Plus we get an exclusive look at a (very painful) game invented by Cam, The Rev, and Johnny!

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