Tennis Grand Slam the Australian Open (AO) linked its first non-fungible token (NFT) collection ‘AO Artball’ to Hawk-Eye data setting real world utility and tech firsts. Engaging, uniting and igniting tennis fans in a completely new way, creating an entirely new category of invested sports fan, globally.

Credits |
Adam De Cata, Run it Wild Founder | Web3 Vision
Ridley Plummer, Tennis Australia NFT & Metaverse Project Manager | Client Lead
David Porte Beckefeld, Run it Wild | Creative Director
Lewis Clarke, Run it Wild | Creative Lead
Krysta Beckefeld, Run it Wild | Metaverse Lead
Katie Tholo, Run it Wild | Project Lead
Sarah May, Run it Wild | CMO, PR & Marketing
Nick Stone, Run it Wild | Creative Technologist & Data
Matt Tillman, Run it Wild | Technical Designer – Hawk-Eye integration
David Phung, Run it Wild | Commercial Lead
Ben Hall, Run it Wild | Web Developer
Roy Hui, Pellar | Solidity Developer
Zak Kelley, Run it Wild | 3D Designer
Kale McRedmond, Run it Wild | Art Director
Lily Ha, Run it Wild | Art Director
Sarah Duffy, Tennis Australia | TA Community Manager
Gywnne Springer, Run it Wild | Community Manager
Benny Taveras, Run it Wild | Discord Moderator
Bonnne Engwerda, Tennis Australia | Discord Moderator
John Tanios, Smoosh Workstations | Render Nodes
James Ashton, Vegas City District | Decentraland Build
Malloy, Feekagames | Unique Wearables
Matty, Metakey Founder | Metakey Partnership
Victoria Bush, Tennis Australia | TA PR
Rob O’Gorman, Tennis Australia, Executive producer, non live events and gaming | Executive producer – Metaverse
Xavier Muhlebach, Tennis Australia, Supervising Producer | Supervising Producer – Metaverse

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