This is an unedited recording of a lecture and discussion between The CatchKing team and Sol Academy. CatchKing was a guest speaker for the Sol Academy’s education series. We joined them to discuss the problems currently facing Web 3 gaming, potential solutions, and what CatchKing is doing.

00:00 – Intro
01:36 – The current problems with Web3 gaming
08:13 – What Makes CatchKing special
12:16 – Proposed solutions to the problems with Web3 gaming

18:32 – Taking questions while showcasing Alpha gameplay of CatchKing’s Social Hub and multiplayer server functionally
25:25 – How to combat botting in CatchKing
27:06 – How does the CatchKing team deal with price movement?
31:22 – How does CatchKing avoid inflation and approach tokenomics?
36:45 – How to identity a strong P2E / Blockchain gaming NFT project
38:40 – Asset packs and FUD surrounding them
40:14 – Earning mechanics in P2E
40:52 – Does Catchking use assets packs?
42:32 – The importance of constant developer updates and communication
44:18 – How much does running our game servers cost?
46:07 – Does CatchKing plan to use Managed Wallets or Pre-Approvals?
50:20 – How does rarity impact CatchKing?
52:06 – Questing for WL instead of grinding discord chats
53:23 – Liquidity pools and tokens in CatchCoin
56:54 – Closing and giveaways

Terminology for non NFT people:
P2E = Play to Earn
FUD = Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt
TPS = Transactions per second
Rugs = When project owners abandon the project or dramatically underdeliver on their promises.

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