-Video recording of #NFT365 Daily Podcast

“Hey Brian,
I want to jump into NFTs but I want to invest in “established projects” not mint new ones… ”

On this episode of NFT 365 I share the projects I believe are established and undervalued right now in December as well as a couple of projects I would invest in right away if I had the liquidity!

As always this isn’t financial advice just rather my strategy and insights around where we are today with #NFTs and where we are going!

Projects I haven’t owned yet but are on the top of my list:
– VeeFriends
– World of Women
– Lazy Lions

Projects that I own and I’m HODLing for the long term:
– CryptoDads
– Playboy Rabbitars
– Chibi Galaxy
– The Superlative Secret Society
– Bubblegum Kids
– FameLady Society

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