In this video I breakdown the difference between the four tokens associated with the EverRise ecosystem…
1. the RISE token
2. the nftRISE token (nft Stakes)
3. the claimRISE token (RISE rewards)
4. the veRISE token (vote-escrow RISE)

Watch the video so that you ensure what all the Ever Rise tokens are.

EverRise Contract Addresses…
EverRise Token (Shows staked and unstaked balance)
RISE: 0xC17c30e98541188614dF99239cABD40280810cA3

EverRise Unclaimed Rewards (Available rewards to claim)
claimRISE: 0xbBD7B847C6d0d0B5691518a363194D71426475F1

EverRise NFT Stakes (Transferring these transfers your staked RISE)
nftRISE: 0x23cD2E6b283754Fd2340a75732f9DdBb5d11807e

Vote-escrowed EverRise (Weight multiplier on stake)
veRISE: 0xDbA7b24257fC6e397cB7368B4BC922E944072f1b

You should always check cryptocurrency contract addresses with official sources,, EverRise twiiter: or EverRise telegram (look for the verified blue badge)

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Music by Angela Inkson Vocalist

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